Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Wrong Kind of Darkness

 Yeah, unfortunately, I have abandoned this blog.  I was pleased to notice that I did post last year at this time and I am still at the farm, rather isolated, in rural NY.  The isolation has proven to be a blessing with the pandemic that arrived earlier in the year.  I'm with some wonderful people and we don't have to isolate with each other, since this farm is its own kind of bubble.

I have been talking, almost every year, about the life giving blessings of darkness, and I still think that it's true.  The dark frames the light and allows many wonderful things to grow and come to fruition.

But there is another kind of darkness--the kind that you use to hide nasty things in.  You can be blinded by the light as well as blinded by the dark.  It seems that there are more and more folks trying to use the darkness to hide their misdeeds, to obfuscate and confuse, to claim that reality is "fake news" and then claim that truly fake news is reality.  I don't need to say any more.

I often joke that this is the time of the year when the monsters and ghouls come out and when you don't know if you will get a trick or a treat--and, of course, I'm talking about election day.  I am hoping that this election day will begin a real change, but whatever happens, we will still need to continue doing the work.  The real change doesn't begin with voting--although that, hopefully, will remove a major obstacle to change--the real change happens with the work that we do to create another world.

Most of my work these days is on the Commune Life blog--and now, with a strong push from Theresa, on our Facebook page. (Ouch--I'm on Facebook.  Now that's scary.)  

Let's continue doing the work each of us is doing to build the world we know is possible, and that includes confronting the parts of the darkness (and the light) that impede transformation.  May the blessings of darkness be with you.