Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer—and Two Years

It's the summer solstice, and it's hot! This has been fairly warm year so far, and summer is just starting. It's enough to make you believe in global warming.

Two years ago on the solstice, I started this blog. It's been a busy couple of years.

And my life is getting busier. I notice that I don't post that often on my blog any more. It's not that I don't have anything to say--I've got a growing list of things that I want to blog on. And I still have one more zine (using the posts I wrote on our real needs) that I would like to publish.

But I am busy doing things, connecting with friends, building raised bed gardens, helping weatherize buildings, serving food, doing stuff at and for the co-op I live in, etc, etc--not to mention that it's been busy at work as well.

I do have some posts I hope to write soon, but we will see how busy my life remains.

I also have one exciting adventure later this summer. I have plans to attend the Radical Urban Sustainability Training (RUST) in Albany, NY, at the beginning of July. This is being run by the folks who wrote the book Toolbox for Sustainable City Living and helped found the Rhizome Collective. (I mentioned the book in my post of 10/18/08 on Sustainable Resources.) I'm very excited about this and will have to blog about it when I get back.

If I have time...

Quote of the Day: "This is the time of the rose, blossom and thorn, fragrance and blood. Now on this longest day, light triumphs, and yet begins the decline into dark. ...we have planted the seeds of our own changes, and to grow we must accept even the passing of the sun." - Starhawk

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