Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do Something

I read something on a blog a while ago that quoted Larry Santoyo, a permaculture teacher, as finishing his classes by saying: "Blame no one, expect nothing, and do something." Turns out that this may have been a quote from Bill Parcells when he was with the New York Giants. (I've also seen it attributed to other people.)

Regardless of the source, I think that it's good advice. I've been playing around with it a bit and now have my own version that reverses the order and adds some stuff:

  • Do something
  • Expect nothing
  • Blame no one
  • Love everyone
  • Do something more
  • and be patient and forgiving with everyone--including yourself

I've put it on my door. It's a reminder to me of how I want to live.

Quote of the Day: "Therefore the sages
act without doing anything;
teach without saying anything.
All things unfold without control
and emerge without possession.
The wise act but don't expect.
When their work is done, they forget it,
but it never goes away." - Lao Tzu


CrackerLilo said...

This would be a very hard creed for me to live by, but I guess it's always a good thing to set the bar high and fall short than to accept low standards forever. It sounds like a good creed, anyway.

MoonRaven said...

It's a hard creed for me to live by, which is why I put it on my door. It's to keep reminding me, since I keep forgetting...

MoonRaven said...

Oh yes, and that's why being patient and forgiving of everyone--including *myself*--is on there.