Sunday, April 11, 2010

Step Back and Look Ahead

This is a busy time for me. I've given notice at the house where I live. It's sort of jumping without a parachute. I don't have a place to live and I don't have people to live with. I could be in trouble.

The goal is to build a simple, sustainable community that mirrors the world that I want to see happen. I have lived in community before so I do know that it's possible. Also, there must be some other people who also think that this is worthwhile. I don't think that I am putting out anything that unusual.

But, the first step is finding a place and that's where I am stuck. I thought that the Cambridge neighborhood where I know some other people living in a simple and sustainable manner would be perfect. It turns out that: a) there aren't many four bedroom apartments there, and b) most apartments available (even three bedrooms) are way too expensive. How can I advertise for people interested in simple living and offer a place that charges a bundle for rent? So I am trying to extend my search.

Plus work has been busier than usual, so I haven't had a lot of time to write posts. I have a bunch of them in mind, so when things slow down (at work or in my life) I will start rolling them out.

One thing that I am aware of is that I have been more inwardly focused in my blog lately--doing a lot of posts on spirituality and personal growth. I do intend to address this in an upcoming post. And I also have more posts planned of this nature--it speaks to what I am currently struggling with.

Another hope of mine is to put out another, and perhaps final, issue of my zine this summer. I want to get the information I researched and wrote about regarding 'Real Needs' out in paper copy.

And at some point I plan to write a post about this attempt at community building--but first I have to see how it all works out. This could be the start of something worthwhile or it may be a disaster in the making. I will let you know.

Quote of the Day: "Your daily life is your temple and your religion." - Kahlil Gibran

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