Friday, October 24, 2008


There are many things that I like about this society. I actually appreciate the complexity and diversity we have here. I also like the openness to individuality. Simple, Egalitarian, Communal, and Sustainable is all very well, but I also want a world that is Complex, Diverse, Individual, and Practical. Is this a contradiction?

I've thought about it, but I don't think so. The Amish have seemed SECSy to me (although I've heard that they are more hierarchical than they appear), but I don't really want to live in an Amish world. (I doubt that they'd be very appreciative of bi/poly folks, for example, not to mention pagan.) I like the complexity and diversity, the messiness of this world. I enjoy being different and want a world that appreciates individuality. I want a society that offers more options to people, not less. And I think that all this is compatible with simple, egalitarian, communal, and sustainable. I also want all this to be practical--idealistic, yes, but practical as well.

Does this sound crazy or contradictory? Stay with me while I explore complexity, diversity, individuality, and practicality, and I will get to the contradictions.

Quote of the day: "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll
Word (or phrase) of the day: Breeder
Hero(es) of the day: Fernando Pereira

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