Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beginning a New Year

With the first of January, the rest of the world catches up to me (see my post on #Beginning Again, 12/21/12, for more on this).  This is the beginning of a new year--and a year without much certainty.

At this point the only thing I have scheduled for myself is a return to Pennsylvania in March, to continue exploring community with the people there.  Hopefully, after a month or two, I'll have a clearer idea about whether I think this has the potential to build into long term community or not. Meanwhile, I'm trying to schedule another visit to Twin Oaks (see Update 6: Life at Twin Oaks, 12/4/12, for more on TO) in late February, which would also give me a chance to check up on the emerging communities down there.  (I should have a couple of chances to help out at Living Energy Farm--see Update 7: Living Energy Farm, 12/4/12--as well as being able to check on the progress of Chubby Squirrels--see Communities of Communities, 6/9/12, and Update 1: The Twin Oaks Community Conference, 9/9/12, for a bit about Chubby Squirrels.)

Beyond that, and especially the next month and a half, 2013 is wide open.  I do have a bunch of posts that I want to write and I'm hoping that my too much free time will give me the time to write them.  Hopefully my next post will be on Thinking In Circles, something I've been thinking a bunch about lately.  I've been reading some interesting books and hope to do a few book reviews.  Finally, I've got a series in mind I'm calling Issues in Community that will incorporate things that I've read, things I've learned through life, and new learnings from my travels this fall.

May the new year bring good things to you--and especially may it bring hope to a world sadly in need of it.

Quote of the Day:  "We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day." – Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Austan said...

Let's face the new year with open hearts and helping hands. We can change the world. Happy 2013, Moony. We made it!

MoonRaven said...

Thank you--and that's such a great way to put it: 'with open hearts and helping hands'. Absolutely.

Happy 2013 to you and I hope it brings you good things. As you said, 'We made it!" Now to the new year...