Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Dozen Reasons to Live in Community

(In honor of the day.)

  1. To combat loneliness
  2. To learn different things from different people
  3. To share more
  4. To live simpler
  5. To live more sustainably
  6. To develop closeness and connection with others
  7. To learn to develop better boundaries
  8. To learn to deal with your own issues in the fire of conflict
  9. To have support for your social change work
  10. To have support for your spiritual work
  11. To have people to celebrate with and to celebrate frequently
  12. To model a different way of living

Quote of the Day: "Intentional Communities have for many centuries been places where idealists have come together to create a better world." - from the webpage of the Fellowship for Intentional Community


Austan said...

And to experience giving and receiving kindness on a daily basis. Something you are very adept in. Happy Hoidays, my friend.

MoonRaven said...

Very sweet, very true. Thank you so much--and very happy holidays to you.