Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Versatile Blogs

I'm deeply honored to have gotten my second blogger award in six months.

Jerry at SoapBoxTech awarded me the Versatile Blogger award in his post "I'm Blushing Here!" Thank you so much, Jerry!

The award comes with two rules: first, to pass it on three more bloggers, and second, to offer seven pieces of obscure information about yourself.

My three choices for versatile blogs:

First, Austanspace. Austan runs a very versatile blog; as she puts it she writes about: "...ponderings, massacres, cool things, rants, family news, international incidents, outrages, general strikes, fart stories, that sort of thing." How much more versatile can you get? (And besides, she was the one who gave me my last award.)

Next is One Smoot Short of a Bridge. Eeka claims she writes about "Culture, social justice, queer issues, disability rights, arts, Boston, and stuff I think is cool."--but the truth is she writes about all sorts of quirky things, and generally has cute comments on them. (One of my all time favorite of her posts was from August, 2009: "The MBTA trip planner had too much coffee this morning". I think that post deserves an award in itself.) Versatile and entertaining.

And finally, Cracker Lilo's Front Porch. Okay, I'm used to folks writing about queer and pagan stuff--but how many of them combine it with NASCAR racing and hockey? I think that's beyond versatile. (My only concern is that CrackerLilo hasn't written in her blog since November. I hope that she hasn't gone off the 'net.)

Now, as to seven obscure things about me:

1) I was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts--although my family moved from there when I was three.

2) I've lived eight different places in Somerville, although I'm not living there now.

3) In the nine month period between May, 2007, and February, 2008, I lived at five different addresses--a feat I hope to never repeat.

4) Ninety percent of the time, I wear black jeans.

5) It would surprise many people who know me, but I actually like getting dressed up in a shirt, tie, and jacket or suit. I think of it as my version of 'drag'. I actually have a closet full of dress clothes.

6) However, I'll try to never wear a bright red tie--because I had to wear one for nine years as part of a Catholic elementary school uniform.

7) I have dragons and unicorns all over my room--including a little stuffed dragon and a little stuffed unicorn.

I hope that was obscure enough.

Quote of the Day: "You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process, is its own reward." - Amelia Earhart

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Austan said...

Thank you Moony! And I just can't imagine you in corporate drag!? That was a shocker! :D