Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Hundred

Blogger informs me that this is my two hundredth post. It's hard to believe that I've written that much.

It's the middle of the first week of 2010. Between the new year and the milestone post number, I am taking this as another opportunity to look around at what I've written, and more importantly, what I'm planning to write.

At this point I am finally posting when I want to and about what I want, which is what most people do with their blogs. I have completed three long series in this blog, the first on what I believe, the second on US history, and the third on what our real needs are. I've also turned my first six months of posts into two zines--the latest being made up of the series 'What I Believe'.

I have said that I would do two things, one with my zine and the other with my blog. Now I am not sure of either of them. In fact, one of them I am not going to do.

I said at the end of the last zine that I would make the zine based on my series about US history. In fact, considering all I wrote in that series, I said the next zine would be Part One of US history. I've changed my mind. At this point, as far as I know, I've made absolutely no money from the zines. As the woman at the copy place said, this has been a labor of love. In fact, I have given a bunch of the zines to friends and family as well as places (good places that I wanted to support) that have sold them and pocketed the money with my blessing. I am glad to have gotten the information out into the world, but it has been costly and makes me think about what I really want to do with the zine. The stuff on US history just doesn't seem that important to me, so I am now planning to skip it. I do want to get out one more zine, probably some time in the spring, putting the series I wrote on real needs into print. We will see if I publish any issues beyond that.

And I have been saying since early on that I would write a series on education/changing consciousness. It needs to be done and I should do it, but I'm wavering and I am not sure when I will do it if I do it. Unlike the other series, I am not juiced to write about this and I'm not clear exactly how I would frame it and I am a bit burnt out on writing series. Plus, I am hoping this year to create the community I've been dreaming of and would rather put my energy into that.

I do have a bunch of posts that I am planning to write however. I am not abandoning this blog. Besides book reviews on some of what I am reading (I won't bore anyone with reviews on some of texts I've been reading on ecology and soil science, but I have also been reading some stuff I do plan on reviewing) I am planning to write posts on a bunch of interesting things that I have been learning about or thinking about. Upcoming topics include Prisoner's Dilemma, Passive House, and Embodied Energy as well as a post on what makes me want to work for change. I am also considering one on making decisions and another on (believe it or not) smoking. I also have two chapters from my last zine that I wrote fresh and I'm now thinking of converting into posts. I'm not sure all of these will make it into print but this is what I'm thinking at this point.

I do appreciate the opportunity that blogger gives me to put my thoughts out in cyberspace (as well as being able to read and comment on lots of other interesting blogs). Still, as fascinating as 'virtual communities' are, I'm yearning for flesh and blood connections.

Those are my thoughts now--I make no guarantees about the future.

Quote of the Day: " don't clickety clack down a straight line track, It comes together and it comes apart..." - Ferron


Jerry said...

As long as my blogroll shows updates from your blog, I will eagerly come and see what you have to say and have been up to. It is always well worth the time.

I wish you luck with the community, my friend.

MoonRaven said...

Thanks so much.