Sunday, December 20, 2009


For me this is a peaceful, holy time. I have memories of Christmas mixed in with my pagan reclaiming of the snows and candles and stars and evergreens. For me, Yule (as some pagans call the winter solstice) is the end of the year and the beginning of a time of reflection while I wait for the world to catch up on New Year's Day.

Right now I am waiting for the snow to fall. We are expecting six inches to a foot of snow and I just got word that a permaculture workshop that was scheduled for tomorrow is being cancelled because of the storm. This will give me more time for reflection, as well as more time to get things done.

I work this week until Wednesday and then the place I work shuts down until after the New Year. With my mother gone, others in my family are focusing on their in-law families and so we won't be getting together on Christmas for the first time that I can remember--instead we will have a New Year's day celebration which we will come together, exchange gifts, and enjoy each other's company.

And I will enjoy having some quiet time to myself, to read and rest and think and plan. What have I learned from the past year? What will this new year bring?

Feel free to add your comments on your year past and future.

And I am blogging on this today, right before the official solstice because the 21st is the National Homeless Persons Memorial Day, and bloggers, organized by Michaelann Bewsee, have been encouraged to write on the subject of Homelessness. So that's what I'll be writing on tomorrow.

And to all, may peace and stillness be with you no matter what you celebrate: Happy Yule, Solstice, Bodhi Day, Al-Hijra, Channukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year... Love and blessings to all!

Quote of the Day: "Yule (Jul) means 'wheel' in Norwegian. The wheel of the year stops and starts again.... The Solstice energy is one of pause, a chance to stop and express our hopes and intentions.... This is the time to pause, to perceive the seeds of our future growth, to gather intent, and make our resolutions for the coming months.... Be still. Experience the stillness... See where you want to be going when the time for movement comes." - Glennie Kindred


CrackerLilo said...

It's weird, isn't it, how those ancient rhythms stick with us? Cool, too. I feel like I'm celebrating a modern Saturnalia.

I love how a large amount of snow can make people just breathe and stop, too. We need that.

Blessed Yule to you!

MoonRaven said...

Blessed Yule to you as well. And I hope digging out goes well for you.